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5 Best Small Blenders for Students and Travelers 2023

Ninja Fit Personal Blender

Are you an enrolled student or simply about to embark on a journey, and if you are worried you will miss out on your morning milkshakes or smoothies? Well, fear not, for we have a list of small blender options that will make it seem as though you never left home.

In a world where flavor and nutrition meet, one kitchen appliance has earned its place among the essentials: the blender. But not just any blender; we’re talking about the best that has been specially crafted with students and travelers in mind. You may ask: Why are these blenders the best?  To answer these questions, we must first dive into the pros that give them their superiority.

Benefits of Small Blenders

  • Timesaving
  • Health boosting
  • Budget-friendliness
  • Space efficient
  • Reduces food waste
  • Easy clean-up
  • Energy on the go
  • Energy efficient

Venturing into the best blenders for students and travelers can be a challenging experience. But fear not, for we have a comprehensive list of the five best small blenders tailor-made for students and travelers. Each blender has made it to the list not only for its blending prowess but also for its compact design, ease of use, and durability.

1. Ninja Fit Personal Blender

Ninja Fit Personal Blender

Available on Amazon.

The Nutri Ninja Pro Compact Personal Blender stands at the forefront of our selection—an example of simplicity. This petite and compact powerhouse boasts a robust motor of 700 watts capable of crushing and breaking the toughest ingredients, rendering smooth, nutritious, and delicious extractions.

Its one-touch pulse technology lightly pushes down and crushes ingredients, while its compact design ensures it occupies minimal space while in storage. A plus is its cups and to-go lids, making it an asset for students and travelers.


  • One-touch Pulse technology
  • 700-watt power guarantees effortless blending of both soft and tough ingredients
  • The compact design ensures portability
  • Easy to clean, store, and use
  • To-go cups and lids
  • Blend smoothies, fruits, vegetables, and frozen drinks to cool you down
  • Speedy prowess


  • One-touch Pulse technology operation for quick smoothies and beverages
  • Cups, recipe manual, and pour spout are included
  • The compact design saves space and is easy to clean and store


  • Limited capacity for ingredients

2. Nutribullet Personal Blender

Nutribullet Personal Blender

Available on Amazon.

For students and travelers who find peace in not compromising on a healthy lifestyle, the Nutribullet Personal Blender stands tall. This versatile marvel powerhouse harnesses a 900-watt power that crushes and blends anything into smooth transformations. Embracing the simple and intuitive side, its compactness hides a robust twist-on extractor blade that transforms fresh ingredients into the smoothest extractions. Aside from all this, this brand still manages to be lightweight and make cleaning easy and effortless.


  • Corded electric design
  • Lightweight, 5.5 pounds
  • 900-watt powerhouse
  • Twist-on Extractor blade for efficient blending


  • Blends in no time—60 seconds or less
  • Compact, simple, and intuitive design
  • Effortless cleaning


  • Limited battery life
  • Smaller capacity for ingredients

3. Blendjet 2 Portable Blender

Blendjet 2 Portable Blender

Available on Amazon.

For students navigating around academics, the Blendjet 2 emerges as the ultimate solution to your healthy lifestyle. A true symbol of portability, with 1.9 ounces, this best small blender is designed with the student in mind. Cordless and rechargeable, it’s proof of innovation, ensuring that you can make smoothies or shakes anywhere, no matter where your lectures take you. Its engineering showcases a USB-C, making blending effortless and quiet, so you don’t disturb the people around you.

This blender comes in various eye-catching colors and is simple to clean; all you need is soap and water, and you can run a blend to perform the magic of cleaning.


  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Charges via USB-C
  • Effortless and quiet operation caters to busy student schedules and doesn’t disturb people around


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile colors for various individuals


  • You can’t crush ice or frozen fruits and vegetables

4. KOIOS Bullet Blender

KOIOS Bullet Blender

Available on Amazon.

When it comes to the best small blenders that have captured the hearts and kitchens of students and travelers, the KOIOS Bullet Blender stands as another champion. This compact and corded electric powerhouse boasts a robust motor of 900 watts capable of redefining the art of blending, transforming ordinary ingredients into extraordinary nutritional extractions. In addition, it boasts 2 and 6-precision blades that break down fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, ensuring your concoctions are smooth and without chunks.

The KOIOS Bullet Blender keeps things simple with dishwasher-safe cups and lids. Just a rinse in the dishwasher, and you’re done, creating more time for your studies or adventures, making this an asset for students and travelers.


  • Diverse dual-blade attachments
  • Corded electric
  • High-powered blending with a 900-watt power


  • Easy to clean
  • Blending efficiency
  • The sleek design adds a touch of elegance.


  • Motor clipboard may degrade easily

5. Cuisinart CPB-300 Portable Blender

Cuisinart CPB-300 Portable Blender

Available on Amazon.

Concluding our list of the 5 best small blenders is this contender, the Cuisinart CPB-300, known for its multifunctional prowess and blending versatility. It’s not just a small blender; it’s a complete blending system. Boasting a robust 350-watt motor powerhouse, it can effortlessly crush ice, blend smoothies and milkshakes, process foods, and even grind coffee beans or spices. Additionally, it boasts pulse technology with a sleek electronic touchpad and LED indicator lights that show and indicate what blending speed you are using. How thoughtful!

This versatility and adaptability mean it can handle a myriad of tasks in your student dorm or on your adventurous journey.


  • Unique multifunctional prowess and blending versatility
  • 350-watt power
  • Pulse technology
  • Sleek electronic touchpad


  • LED indicator lights
  • Effortlessly crushes ice and frozen ingredients
  • Adaptable and versatile


  • May be somewhat noisy during the operation


In conclusion, these best small blenders, with their myriad benefits, are an invaluable addition to any student or traveler who values a healthy lifestyle, from their portability and energy efficiency to their nutritional prowess and budget-friendliness. Your small blender is not just a kitchen appliance; it’s your partner and companion in transforming smoothies, milkshakes, and nutritional extractions, one blend at a time! Bon Appetit!


What is a travel blender?

A travel blender is a compact and portable blender designed specifically for individuals who are often on the move. These blenders are typically smaller in size, space-saving, and designed to be lightweight and easy to carry.

What is the small blender called?

The small blender you are referring to is typically known as a “personal blender”, “hand blender,” or “immersion blender.” These blenders are compact and designed for individuals. They are perfect for making single servings of smoothies, shakes, or other blended recipes. Some popular brands of personal blenders include NutriBullet, Blendjet 2, and Ninja Fit Personal Blenders.

What is the name of the portable blender?

The portable blender you are referring to is the Nutribullet 900-watt. This powerhouse compact blender crushes and blends anything into smooth transformations.

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