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10 Chinese Breakfast Foods You Should Try When In China

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It is mostly said and believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in China, it is a special case. The cuisine of China is rich, and it offers different treats and delicacies from region to region. Breakfast in China may range from sweet to savory, heavy to light, and fried to steamed; these are readily available on the streets and in restaurants.

If you find yourself on a trip to China, you should unwind and step into the streets or restaurants to find something you may love and enjoy. In this article, we have a list of 10 Chinese breakfast foods you should try when in China. Most of these dishes can easily be seen and recognized on the streets of China.

1. Baozi (English: Steamed Buns)


Baozi (or steamed buns) are mostly eaten by the Chinese people in the early hours of the morning for breakfast. It is an easy and quick option for breakfast that is sweet and relishing. For most Chinese people, eating baozi for breakfast means their day is about to be great or is already great.

The good thing about Baozi is that they follow the cloud of steam coming out of shops with bamboo steamers, and you have gotten to the world of this relishing breakfast. Baozi comes in different shapes and sizes, and another good thing about steamed buns is that they come in different fillings that are definitely for you, whether you are a native of China or not. The fillings include beef, turkey, chicken, and even vegetables like carrots, cabbage, etc. This fluffy and filling delicacy is a quick and popular breakfast option in China.

2. Congee (English: Rice Porridge)


Congee is another of the 10 Chinese breakfast foods you should try when in China. Congee is a traditional rice porridge that is cooked in a large quantity of water until the rice is thoroughly soft and cooked. After cooking, the rice appears plain and bland. To give this Chinese breakfast food flavor, nourishment, and taste, ingredients like eggs, pickled vegetables, chicken, meat, and even fish are added on top of it. With a range of these ingredients, you can find Congee that is made into your preferred choice. Choose a Congee that is suited to your taste and wallow in this cuisine of China.

3. Jianbing (English: Egg Crepes)


As much as American pancakes and bacon are a must for breakfast, in China, a popular breakfast choice is egg crepes. Referred to as Jianbing, it is known for its relishing and satisfying combination of taste and flavors. Jianbing is a thin crepe made out of flour, eggs, and water. These crepes are placed on a hot pan until they are flat and brown in color. To serve, it is then topped with eggs and scallions and drizzled with soy sauce or chili sauce for enhanced taste and flavor.

4. Hùntun (English: Wontons)


You may be familiar with wontons; they are mostly seen in the movies of Chinese restaurants and are mostly eaten for breakfast. Wontons, somewhat similar to dumplings, are a breakfast option in China that are made into various sizes, shapes, and fillings. Its simplicity and satisfying nature make it one of the 10 best Chinese breakfast foods you should try when in China.

Wontons are typically made from flour, water, and various fillings like meat, etc. The dough that is obtained from the mixture of flour and water is folded into different shapes, filled with fillings of the desired choice, and then immersed in boiling water until soft and succulent. Wontons are a must-have when in China because of their popularity, burst of flavor and taste, and rich heritage of cuisine in China.

5. Doujiang (English: Fried sticks with Soybean Milk)


Doujiang is another popular breakfast food in China. When in Rome, act like Romans, and when in China, act like the Chinese. Grab this delicacy alongside soybean milk to take full pleasure in it.

Doujiang is a combination of deep-fried sticks that are made from a mixture of flour, water, and sugar. To serve these long, deep-fried brown sticks, they are paired with soybean milk, which is nourishing and filled with health benefits like calcium. As Americans have coffee and doughnuts, the rich walls of China combine fried sticks and soybean milk for a satisfying breakfast.

6. Mifen (English: Rice Noodles)


The majority of people who eat rice noodles are found in the Southern part of China. If you must indulge in this delicacy treat, you should visit the Southern cities like Yunnan, Guilin, Guangxi, etc. Rice noodles, as the name implies, are made of rice, just like noodles. The rice is made from flour and a mixture of water. It is then cooked until soft and tender. If you are gluten-free, then you must try this when in China.

The good thing about rice noodles is that they are served with other ingredients and toppings like chilies, minced meat, pickles, etc. Another good thing about this breakfast food is that it is versatile and can be enjoyed as lunch or even dinner.

7. Zongzi (English: Rice Dumplings)


Zongzi, or rice dumplings, is a breakfast food that is made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. This is a traditional Chinese delicacy that has won the hearts of native Chinese and even visitors. This dish is mostly enjoyed and holds importance to the Chinese; for this reason, it is mostly enjoyed during the Dragon Boat Festival. If you must visit China, grab your bags and travel for a week to this festival. This way, you fully indulge in the rich heritage and traditional experience of China.

Zongzi can be found on the streets of China, with bursts of flavor all over the place. Rice dumplings are filled with marinated meat, beans, and other ingredients. It is then cooked and served in a bowl or plate, with the bamboo leaves visible and chopsticks to eat with. Each Zongzi is a work of skill showcasing the rich taste, flavor, and culinary experience of the Chinese people.

8. Cong You Bing (English: Scallion Pancakes)

Cong You Bing

Cong You Bing is a classic Chinese pancake that is eaten throughout China. This treat is made from wheat flour, which makes it unique and delicious. The pancake is unique because it is rolled several times to give it a crunchy and flaky texture. After which scallions are sprinkled, hence the name scallion pancake. Cong You Bing is often served as stacks of layers, often hot or cold, and is a popular Chinese choice.

9. Dumplings


Dumplings are one of the most popular and recommended Chinese breakfast foods you should try when in China. These delicious and carefully plated treats have a burst of taste and flavor that will capture your heart. Many a time, we see dumplings in the movies and are in awe when they are made and plated.

Dumplings are made out of flour and water. But that is not what gives it its unique taste and flavor. The dumplings are a mixture of minced meat, cabbage, and other ingredients. The unique thing about dumplings is that they are prepared based on the individual’s preferred choice of fillings. Another special thing about dumplings is how they come in different sizes and shapes, which signifies Chinese culinary skills and their rich culture.

10. Shao Bing (English: Chinese Sesame Flatbread)

Cong You Bing

Did you know that you can have bread in China? When it comes to recommended breakfast foods in China, Shao Bing is always a great choice. Shao Bing is a flatbread that is made from flour, water, and fat. The fat that is added to the dough gives it a crunchy and flaky texture, coupled with the unique rolling method used in preparing the dough.

To give this flatbread taste and flavor, sesame seeds are added to the top of the bread dough before baking. Shao Bing should be served warm and fresh for maximum taste and texture.


Without a doubt, the Chinese are one of the countries around the world with rich culinary experience and tradition. Despite their divisions, the country shares similar delicacies that are a must to indulge in. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in this article, we see that China is no exception. The 10 Chinese breakfast foods you should try when in China are Baozi, Congee, Jianbing, Hùntun, Doujiang, Mifen, Zongzi, Cong You Bing, Dumplings, and Shao Bing. From mouth-watering treats to warm soups, Chinese cuisine is worth trying. So, when you find yourself in China or even trying a Chinese restaurant for the first time, be sure to wallow in these delicacies and have China close to you.


What are popular breakfast foods in China?

The popular breakfast foods in China that you should try include wontons, dumplings, deep-fried dough sticks with soybean milk, scallion pancakes, rice noodles, and lots more. The culinary skills of China are a must to indulge in, especially when you are opportune to visit the great cities of China.

What is a healthy Chinese breakfast?

Many times, the popular and healthy Chinese breakfasts that are sold are steamed buns, dumplings, congee, and rice noodles.

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