How to Make Tamba Powder

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Perhaps you have heard of Kunun Tamba and know how to make it. Chances are, you do not know how the powder you use in making it is made. In this article, I will be teaching you how to make Tamba Powder in just a few simple steps.

Tamba powder is made from finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.), a significant type of millet widely grown in various regions of India and Africa, and it is a stable food for a sizeable portion of the populations of those regions.

In the northern region of Nigeria, many people drink Kunun Tamba. On that note, allow me to share with you a simple and delightful recipe for making finger millet powder.

How to Make Tamba Powder

Equipment for Making Tamba Powder

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Ingredient for Making Tamba Powder

Tamba (finger millet)
Groundnut (optional)

Procedure for Preparing Tamba Powder

STEP 1: Spread the finger millet on a flat surface, like a tray, and check for unwanted particles. Take them out.

STEP 2: Wash using the calabash to further remove unwanted particles.

STEP 3: Dry the finger millet (Tamba) on a clean mat or any clean surface.

STEP 4: Spread the groundnuts on a flat surface and check for unwanted particles.

STEP 5: Pour your dried Tamba into a bowl, and add the groundnuts, ginger, and cloves.

STEP 6: Mix them and grind them smoothly using a blender or grinding machine.

STEP 7: After that, sieve and pour into your clean air-tight container.

How to Store Tamba Powder

The best options, in this case, are glass containers with cork covers. To prevent fungal contact, mildew, and the possibility of pests, maintain the container in a dry location.

Health Benefits of Tamba Powder

The benefits of Tamba Powder (amfanin tamba) cannot be overemphasized. It helps with weight loss, builds strong bones and teeth, controls diabetes, is good for pregnant and lactating mothers, maintains good skin, and aids digestion.


That’s a wrap!

What are you waiting for? Use the Tamba powder (garin tamba) to make delicious Kunun Tamba.

Now that you know how to make Tamba powder (garin tamba), you could also learn how to make Garin Danwake.


What is the English name for Tamba?

The word for Tamba in English is finger millet.

Is finger millet good for health?

Due to the high levels of dietary fiber and polyphenols contained in finger millet, regular consumption has been shown to lower the risk of developing diabetes. When compared to cereals like rice, wheat, or any other, it has more fiber. Finger millet contains a significant amount of fibre, which slows down digestion and lowers blood sugar levels. Its low glycemic index makes it a great snack for preventing late-night food cravings and keeping blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

How to Make Tamba Powder

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