How to Make Danwaken Rogo (Yadda Ake Danwaken Rogo)

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Danwake is a type of delicacy in northern Nigeria enjoyed by a lot of people, young and old. It is very nutritious and, therefore, has a lot of health benefits that we will be seeing soon. Its main ingredient is cassava (rogo). In this article, I will be teaching you how to make Danwaken Rogo (yadda ake Danwaken Rogo) in 14 simple and easy steps.

Let’s get started.

Ingredients for Making Danwaken Rogo

2 cups of powdered cassava
1 cup of wheat flour
1 cup of guinea corn flour
Vegetable oil
Grounded pepper
Powdered baobab leaves (garin kuka)
2 eggs

Procedure for Making Danwaken Rogo

STEP 1: Wash the tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and cucumber very well. Slice them using a knife and keep them aside.

STEP 2: Boil the eggs until cooked. Slice them and keep them aside.

STEP 3: Soak the potash (kanwa).

STEP 4: In the big bowl, add the wheat flour, cassava flour, and guinea corn and sieve it using the sieve. Mix very well.

STEP 5: Add the baobab leaves powder (garin kuka) and mix it again.

STEP 6: Now add the soaked potash and water and mix properly. It turns into a sticky dough. Add the water gradually as you stir to avoid lumps.

STEP 7: Add water to the cooking pot and put it over medium heat. Allow boil.

STEP 8: Add water to the small bowl and keep aside. This is used for soaking your hand before packing any fresh dough. It keeps the dough from sticking to your hands and making you uncomfortable.

STEP 9: Begin packing the dough with your hands and cutting it into small pieces before dropping them into the boiling water. Remember, for every batch of dough you are packing, it is advisable to dip your hand into the small bowl of water.

STEP 10: Continue packing and cutting until all the dough is exhausted or at least, the required quantity of Danwaken Rogo is achieved.

STEP 11: Cover the pot lid and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes.

STEP 12: Pack the Danwaken Rogo into a warmer and keep it aside.

STEP 13: Now put the frying pan over medium heat and add the vegetable oil and onions. Allow frying for 3 minutes.

STEP 14: Your Danwaken Rogo is ready!

How to Serve Danwaken Rogo

Serve it on a plate, then add the sliced cucumber, onions, tomato, and cabbage to the side of the Danwake on the plate. Using a spoon, pour the vegetable oil on top of the Danwake. Do the same for the grounded pepper (yaji). Also, put the sliced egg on the sliced vegetables. Eat with a spoon.

Occasions to Serve Danwaken Rogo Best

It can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You could eat it any time of the day.

How to Store Danwaken Rogo

If you have excess Danwake Wake, don’t leave it in the pot or warmer. Put it on a plate and cover it; it should be used in the morning as long as it does not exceed 24 hours.

When you want to eat it, boil water and add the Danwake to it. Then add the other ingredients and you are good to go.

Health Benefits of Danwaken Rogo

Danwaken Rogo helps improve digestion, combat arthritis, boost the immune system, keep diabetes in check, provide the energy needed for our day-to-day activities, and improve our mood.


It will interest you to know that there are other types of Danwake such as Danwaken Dawa and Danwaken Fulawa. They are all delicious, and you should try them sometime.

Now that you know how to make Danwaken Rogo (yadda ake Danwaken Rogo), tell us when you will be making yours in the comments section, and when you do, kindly share with us your experience.

You are always welcome to Northpad Nigeria for more local delicacies.

Dan Waken Rogo

How to Make Danwaken Rogo (Yadda Ake Danwaken Rogo)

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