How to Make Eba with Video Guide

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Eba recipe is a Nigerian cuisine consumed by almost all tribes but mostly Yorubas and Igbos. It is popularly known as Teba among the Hausas. Its major ingredient is Garri and water. This article seeks to teach you how to make Eba

It is a kind of food that help take care of your hunger when you are feeling too lazy to make something more complicated or when you are really late for work, school, an event, and the likes. However, just make sure you have soup already. With your soup ready, you are good to go.

Let’s see how it’s been made.

How to Make Eba


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3 cups of Garri
Wooden spoon (or tabarya in Hausa)

Procedure for Making Eba

STEP 1: Over medium heat, put a clean pot and add water to it.

STEP 2: Allow the water in the pot to boil. After boiling, put off the cooker.

STEP 3: Immediately, pour your garri to almost cover the boiled water.

STEP 4: Allow to soak for 5 minutes.

STEP 5: Get a clean wooden spoon (or tabarya as the Hausas call it) and pound a little before you begin to stir. Stir very well until it turns into dough. Ensure the dough is not too thick though.

STEP 6: Get a scooping spoon and pack it into a warmer. Preferably, put it into white nylon in form of round shapes then keep it in the warmer.

STEP 7: Repeat the above process until all the Eba in the pot is exhausted.

STEP 8: Your Eba is ready to be served!

How to Serve Eba

Eba can be dished with any soup, soups like Egusi Soup, Ewedu Soup, Miyan Taushe, Miyan Kubewa, Miyan Alayyahu, etc. But to get the best out of it, take it with Egusi soup.

Don’t forget to take it with water or any soft drink of your choice.

Occasions to Serve Eba Best

Eba recipe can be consumed as any of the basic meals of a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You could also serve it during wedding ceremonies as the Yorubas do.

How to Store Eba

This cuisine can be stored in a warmer and can only last for a day. If refrigerated, it can last a few more days.

Nutritional Value of Eba

Ebaassists to lower the risk of Metabolic Syndrome, promote wound healing, prevent malnutrition, lower blood pressure, and maintain a healthy weight among other benefits.

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I bet you have seen how to make Eba Now that you know this, you need not worry too much about time or laziness as this delicacy will always come to your aid in situations like that.

I hope this piece is worthwhile to you. If it is, kindly drop a comment in the comments section below.

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How to Make Eba with Video Guide

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