How to Make Wainar Kwai

Wainar Kwai, as the name implies, you will know that its primary ingredient is egg. It is prepared using a masa pan just like the normal Waina and Mashe however, the ingredients differ.

Usually, people feel this kind of recipe is meant only for the wealthy, but on the contrary, all classes of people can consume it regardless of their wealth status. You must not necessarily make it in large quantities, but just enough for your consumption and spending power.

This article seeks to teach you how to make Wainar Kwai in 7 simple steps. Let’s get to it!

How to Make Wainar Kwai

Equipment for Making Wainar Kwai

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Masa panNo

Ingredients for Making Wainar Kwai

5 eggs
Pepper, onion (grinded)
Vegetable oil
Spices (maggi, curry, thyme)

Procedure for Preparation of Wainar Kwai

STEP 1: Crack the five eggs into a clean bowl. Be careful not to include the shell, no matter how little.

STEP 2: Add grinded pepper and onion and mix it very well.

STEP 3: Add the spices and mix thoroughly again.

STEP 4: Place a masa pan (it is called tanda in Hausa language) on medium heat and pour 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil in each of the holes

STEP 5: When you are sure the masa pan is heated, beat your egg again very well, and then pour it into each hole. When the first side is fried, turn the other side using a clean spoon and fry it too. For the other side, no need to add oil to the holes before doing so.

STEP 6: When completely fried, pack it and put it in a warmer to keep it warm.

STEP 7: Repeat the same process until all the eggs are exhausted.

STEP 8: Enjoy your Wainar Kwai!

How to Serve Wainar Kwai

Preferably, serve Wainar Kwai on a plate while still hot, as it tastes better. It is usually served together with grinded pepper.

You could also take it with Zobo, Kunun Gyada, Kunun Tsamiya, and the likes.

Occasions to Best Serve

Wainar Kwai can be taken anytime, but in Hausaland, most people prefer to take it for breakfast as it is a light food.

For occasions such as naming ceremonies, weddings, and festivals, it can be served. However, it may cost a fortune. Well, that all depends on your financial strength. If you feel you are capable enough, just go ahead. Your audience will love it.

How to Store Wainar Kwai

Store this recipe in a warmer and it will last you a day at its best.

Preferably, prepare one just enough for immediate consumption so that you have nothing to worry about.

Nutritional Benefits of Wainar Kwai

Wainar Kwai, which contains eggs, is a fantastic source of vitamin D, aids in weight management, has a high protein content, and is one of the food sources for choline, a crucial component produced in the liver.

More so, it helps in ensuring strong muscles because it maintains and repairs body tissues, including muscles; it also helps in the production of energy needed for our day-to-day activities; and finally, it lowers the risk of having heart failure or disease.


As you can see above, preparing Wainar Kwai is not difficult at all except if you intend to do it for a large audience.

I hope this write-up was helpful. If it was, try making it for yourself or your family, and tell us your experience in the comments section below.

That’s a wrap! For more interesting delicacies, Northpad Nigeria has you covered!

How to Make Wainar Kwai

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