Can You Freeze Chopped Liver?

can you freeze chopped liver

Chopped liver is high in protein and rich in iron, which makes it great for the body. Aside from its nutritional benefits, it is delicious and is considered a freezer-friendly food as its shelf life can be extended. If you’re left with excess, you may ask yourself, “Can you freeze chopped liver?”

In this article, we provide you with answers on how to freeze chopped livers, tips for freezing them, and how to defrost them properly.

What Is Chopped Liver?

Can You Freeze Chopped Liver?

Chopped liver is a dish that is made by blending liver gotten from chicken with onions and other seasonings or ingredients to create a rich and tasteful food that is enjoyed for lunch and dinner.

It is packed with nutritional benefits varying from iron, vitamins, and minerals.

How to Freeze Chopped Liver

Now, coming back to the question, “Can you freeze chopped liver?” The answer is yes, and below is a guide on how to freeze them the best way:

Step 1: Drain Out Liquids

You must drain out excess liquids from the liver before freezing them. The easiest way to do this is to pat them dry with paper towels or lay the livers on paper towels for a few minutes until they are dry.

Step 2: Cut Into Portions

Divide and portion the liver into sizeable portions. This way, it is easier for you when you are ready to defrost them.

Step 3: Pack Then

Next, pack the portioned liver into an airtight container or freezer bag. Push out excess air from the bag before sealing to prevent freezer burn.

Step 4: Record and Freeze

Lastly, label the airtight containers or freezer bags with the storage date; this way, you can keep a record of how long it has been in the freezer.

For How Long Can You Freeze Chopped Liver?

You can freeze chopped liver for about 3 months in the freezer.

We recommend you cut the liver into small portions and consume it within the first two months. This way, your chopped liver will not be negatively affected or have a change in taste or texture.

4 Tips For Freezing Chopped Liver

Now that the question “Can you freeze chopped liver?” has been answered, below are a few tips to bear in mind when freezing them:

Tip 1: If the liver is hot, let it cool off completely before portioning

Tip 2: Consider cutting the liver into smaller portions before freezing.

Tip 3: Completely drain wet livers using paper towels.

Tip 4: Push excess air out of the freezer bag before sealing it and placing it in the freezer.

How Do You Defrost Chopped Liver?

When you are ready to eat liver again, remove it from the freezer and transfer it to the refrigerator. This way, it gets defrosted safely and evenly.

Alternatively, you can give the frozen chopped liver a warm water bath by submerging it in a bowl of lukewarm water. It takes 2–3 hours for it to properly defrost.

How To Tell If Your Frozen Chopped Liver Is Bad

Here are some key indicators to tell if your frozen chopped liver is bad:

  • Grey or green in color
  • Sour smell
  • Slimy texture
  • A bitter or rancid taste
  • Discoloration
  • The appearance of molds

If you notice any of these signs in your liver, it is best to throw them out and not consume them.

Can You Refreeze Chopped Liver?

Refreezing chopped liver is not advised. The reason is that thawed or defrosted liver will have its texture and quality negatively impacted if frozen again.

If you must refreeze the liver again, ensure you always defrost them safely and evenly using the fridge or refrigerator overnight.

Does Liver Freeze Well?

The liver freezes well, provided that it is properly drained and stored in airtight containers or freezer bags. Remember, the liver can stay in the freezer for about 3 months.


In conclusion, can you freeze chopped liver? Yes,  it is possible. But be sure to drain out excess liquids before freezing them. Lastly, divide and portion out the livers before freezing them.

Additionally, consume them within the first two months of storing them. This way, they are still packed with taste, and flavor and is still fresh.

You could also check how to freeze honey.


How long will chopped liver last in fridge?

You can keep the chopped liver in the fridge for about 6 days. Be sure to contain them in an airtight container or freezer bag.

Can chopped liver be refrozen?

The chopped liver can be refrozen, provided it was defrosted or thawed safely and properly in the fridge overnight.

How long does liver last in the freezer?

The liver can stay up to three months in the freezer; some say it can be kept for 6–12 months, but it is advised that you consume the liver while it is still fresh and flavourful.

What is the best way to freeze fresh liver?

The best way to freeze fresh liver is in airtight containers or freezer bags. Firstly, pat the livers dry using paper towels before packaging them in freezer bags or airtight containers. Record the storage date to keep track of how long it has been in the freezer.  

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