Can You Freeze Cold Cuts?

cold cuts

Cold cuts, also called deli meats, are a popular meat. However, it’s common to wonder if you can freeze cold cuts. Freezing is the best option for extending the shelf life of food products, but does it applies to cold cuts?

In this article, we look into how to freeze cold cuts, how long they can be preserved, and the best tips to freeze them for the best results. If you want to know more, read on to find out.

What Exactly Are Cold Cuts?

Cold cuts or deli meat are meat that is either cooked or cured. This meat is either enjoyed in sandwiches, hamburgers, and other dishes.

What Are The Types of Cold Cuts?

Over five different types of cold cuts make up a dish. They make up an excellent option for lunch and, breakfast, even dinner. The types of cold cuts are:

  • Chorizo
  • Pancetta
  • Prosciutto
  • Pepperoni
  • Salami

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How To Freeze Cold Cuts

Returning to the question, can you freeze cold cuts? The answer is yes.

The best option to extend the cut’s shelf life is freezing them. To freeze cold cuts for best results, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Let It Cool

Before freezing, let the cuts cool down thoroughly first. Place the amounts on a rack for easier ventilation.

STEP 2: Wrap It

Next, divide the cuts into portions and wrap them tightly and firmly. Wrap them using aluminum foil or a cling film, ensuring no tears or holes.

STEP 3: Pack It

Next, transfer the wrapped cold cuts into a freezer bag or air-tight container. If using a bag, seal the edges properly and close the lid tightly if using a container.

STEP 4: Label and Freeze

Lastly, label the containers or freezer bags with the storage date and place them in the freezer for about two months.

How Long Can You Freeze Cold Cuts

You can freeze cold cuts for about two months in the freezer.

We recommend placing cold cuts in the freezer so it freezes properly.

5 Tips For Freezing Cold Cuts

When it comes to whether you can freeze cold cuts, the answer is yes, and all varieties of cuts can be frozen. Below are tips to ensure you freeze them.

Tip 1: Allow cold cuts to cool off completely before freezing.

Tip 2: Use air-tight containers with tight lids.

Tip 3: Push excess air from the freezer bag before sealing them.

Tip 4. Leave room for expansion when filling an air-tight container with the portioned cold cuts.

Tip 5: Label freezer bags or air-tight containers with the storage date.

How Do You Defrost Cold Cuts

The good news about cold cuts is that you can quickly defrost them using two effective methods. When you are ready to consume large amounts, remove them from the freezer and transfer them to the refrigerator overnight to defrost slowly.

Alternatively, you can thaw cold cuts by bathing them in cold water for several hours. You should change the water every 30 minutes to change the temperature and allow it to melt safely and slowly.

How To Tell If Your Frozen Cold Cuts Is Bad

There are a few signs and indicators associated with bad cold cuts. When you observe the following with your cold cuts, throw them out and avoid consumption.

  • The appearance of molds
  • Sour smell
  • Dry texture
  • Sour taste

Can You Refreeze Cold Cuts

It is generally not recommended to refreeze cold cuts once it has been defrosted. Why, you ask? When you refreeze cold cuts, it affects the original quality of the meat. In addition to this, refreezing cold cuts gives room for bacterial growth, which results in food poisoning if consumed.

Do Cold Cuts Freeze Well?

Yes, cold cuts freeze well. Cold cuts are a proven way of extending their shelf life. It is vital to note that cold cuts the proper way is the only way to preserve them for a long time.


In conclusion, the question Can you freeze cold cuts is a go. Following the steps discussed in this article, you can freeze them for about two months in the freezer.

It is advised that you thaw cold cuts in the refrigerator safely and slowly; this way, you can refreeze them if the case arises. Remember to check out for signs and indicators of spoilage. I hope you find this article helpful.


Is it okay to put cold cuts in the freezer?

It is generally okay and safe to put cold cuts in the freezer. This is the only way to extend their shelf life. Cover cold cuts in foil, package in a freezer bag, and place in the freezer.

How long can I freeze cold cuts?

Cold cuts can stay in the freezer for about two months. Wrap them in foil, place them in a freezer bag or air-tight container, and keep them in the freezer.

How do you make cold cuts last longer?

The proven way to make cold cuts last longer is by wrapping them in aluminum foil; this helps maintain their freshness while in storage.

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