Can You Freeze Salami?

can you freeze salami

Can you freeze Salami? Have you ever wondered if you could freeze salami? I know I have. 

The simple answer is yes, you can – Salami can freeze for up to 3 months before degrading in quality and flavor. However, there are ways you freeze salami to ensure it doesn’t go bad even while preserving it.

What Exactly Is Salami?

Salami, sometimes confused for sausage, is a kind of sausage that has been cured. By cured, it is preserved by the addition of salt and other herbs, spices, and moisture drawn out by air drying. 

The deli meat is made out of beef. No wonder you can even eat salami raw or uncooked. If you don’t want to eat salami raw and uncooked, you can add it to sandwiches, cheese, pasta, and even pizza instead of traditional pepperoni.

What Are the Types of Salami?

According to Cook’s Illustrated, “Each is made from a mixture of raw ground meat, salt, and seasonings, which is stuffed into a casing and left to ferment and dry until cured.”

The three types of salami are:

1. Genoa: This salami is soft, acidic, and is flavored with red wine then garlic, and made out of beef.

2. Hard Salami: Hard salami has a mild flavor after being cured. It is a blend of pork and beef and is often imported from Eastern or Central Europe. 

3. Soppressata: This is a heavily flavored meat with black peppercorns or spicy Calabrian chile peppers. It is a blend of only pork with a coarse grind and slightly chewy finish. 

Other popular types of salami are ‘Nduja, Chorizo, Cacciatore, Genovese, Napoletano, Finocchiona, Coppa, Bresaola, and many more out there. 

How to Freeze Salami

how to freeze salami

I once froze a salami and it went bad after a month or so. Maybe it was because I wrapped it singly, I could never tell. But you don’t have to worry about that.

Before you freeze salami, there are a few things you should be cautious about and we’ll be giving you a rundown.

If you’ve recently purchased salami from the food store and have no plans of making use of it, you can simply put it in the freezer with its original wrap. The original wrap extends the shelf life by keeping it away from moisture and any other contamination.

Suppose you plan to use the salami, you can freeze the already opened salami using the following steps: 

1. Double wrap 

You can freeze a whole salami by wrapping it tightly. Wrapping is a vital step as it helps in retaining little moisture and keeps the meat from draining out.

To freeze, place the salami in aluminum foil and wrap it once and then twice. Ensure there are no openings or holes in the wrap before placing it in the freezer. 

2. Slice it Up

sliced salami

You may choose to cut salami into slices to freeze it. It is perfectly fine to slice up salami before freezing, you won’t be the first to do it. 

If you choose to slice salami, ensure you place baking paper in the middle of the slices to help absorb condensation when freezing. 

3. Seal the Bag

Place the already-wrapped salami into a sealed bag. After placing the salami in the sealed bag, push out as much air as you can before sealing and freezing. 

4. Stamp it

To fancy this up and to know how long the salami has been in the freezer, label the bag with a marker and record the storage date before placing it in the freezer. 

How Long Is Salami Good in the Freezer? 

You can freeze salami for about 3 months.

Salami has a long-lasting shelf life but that doesn’t mean its taste, flavor, and texture will remain the same. An opened salami will stay up to 2 weeks while an unopened salami will stay up to 5 to 6 weeks

It is advised you relish your salami in less than 3 months to derive pleasure in its flavor. 

4 Tips for Freezing Salami

When freezing salami, you should keep in mind that there is very little moisture content as such, it takes time to freeze. Here are 4 tips to stick to when freezing salami:

Tip 1: Wrap salami using aluminum foil or place it in the freezer with its original wrapping.

Tip 2: Freeze salami in small portions only.

Tip 3: Consider slicing salami before freezing.

Tip 4: Freeze salami immediately after purchasing it to preserve it for a longer period.

If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to properly store salami for a long period.

How to Tell If Your Frozen Salami Is Bad

There are a few ways to tell if salami has gone bad or rotten and they include:

  • A change in color from vibrant pink to brown, black, or grey
  • A change in smell to a rotten or foul odor
  • The appearance of slimes or black mold
  • A change in texture to wet and ooziness

If you notice any of these, it is an indicator that your salami has gone bad and should be gotten rid of. 


In conclusion, we hope these steps have guided you on how best to freeze salami and enjoy it for an extended period. 

If you are a person who loves salami, I advise you to go ahead and stock up at home and freeze it for later. 

You could also check how to freeze nuts.


Can salami be eaten raw?

Salami is packed with nutrients and intense flavor. This means it is safe to eat raw and can be eaten raw and uncooked.

How do you defrost salami?

To safely defrost salami, transfer it from the freezer to the fridge. Although, it takes several hours to thaw it is safe and that is most important. So, be sure to plan and remove frozen salami from the freezer early.

Can you refreeze salami?

Yes, you can. However, it is advised against refreezing salami as it dries out the meat. It is also better to cut salami into slices and freeze it in small portions.

What kind of meat is salami?

Salami is mostly made out of pork meat however these days, you find salami made out of beef, venison, lamb, duck, horses, and even donkeys.

Does salami freeze well?

In truth, salami freezes well as long as it is properly stored in air-tight wraps. If stored properly, salami freezes for about 3 months.

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