Can You Freeze Meatloaf?

can you freeze meatloaf

Wondering “Can you freeze meatloaf?” is now a question that pops out of people’s heads. 

Let me tell you a little story.

The first time I saw my friend freeze meatloaf was when I went to spend the weekend with her family. The meatloaf was contained in a plastic container and she had told me it had spent months in the freezer. We then had a talk about their storage method at home which I’ll be sharing with you today. 

To store meatloaf for your surprise guests too, here’s what you need to know about freezing meatloaf. Let’s get right to it. 

What Is Meatloaf?

Meatloaf is a type of baked or smoked dish prepared from ground meat that is a blend of various ingredients like curry, chili, and aromatics and is then molded in the shape of a loaf.

Generally, the major constituent in meatloaf is ground beef, however, you can substitute it for other types of meat like ground chicken, turkey, lamb, or veal. Meatloaf is served with side dishes like mashed potatoes, rice, and pasta, even in sandwiches, casseroles, and many others. 

If you love meatloaf, scroll to know how to preserve it for a long period.

How to Freeze Meatloaf

Meatloaf, either cooked or uncooked, baked or unbaked has its way of freezing and is comparable to one another.

There are two types of meatloaf:

  • Baked or Cooked meatloaf 
  • Unbaked or Uncooked meatloaf

Suppose you are freezing cooked meatloaf, you want to give it some time to cool off completely before placing it in the freezer. Whereas, uncooked or raw meatloaf can be frozen immediately.

Here are steps to guide you on the question, “Can you freeze meatloaf?”:

Step 1: Double Wrap

To freeze meatloaf, you need to wrap it with a cling film, aluminum foil, or plastic wrap. Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to double-wrap before freezing.

Step 2: Seal Bag

The next step to take is to place the meatloaf in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air. Place your already-wrapped meatloaf into a sealed bag and seal it. Before placing it in the freezer, get out as much air as you can.

Step 3: Use a Plastic Container

If you are out of a sealed bag, you can use a container to store meatloaf. Place the meatloaf in a container and close the lid tight.

Step 4: Tag or Stamp It

Using a marker, record the storage date you made or bought the meatloaf before placing it in the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze Meatloaf?

You can freeze meatloaf for about 6 months!

The meatloaf shelf life will differ based on cooked or uncooked and the storage method used. If you choose to store your meatloaf in the fridge, it could last for 3 to 4 days but if you store it in the freezer, it guarantees you a period extension of 6 months.

We would advise you to consume meatloaf for four to five months to enjoy it in its full flavor.

2 Tips for Freezing Meatloaf

Here are two tips to stick to when freezing meatloaf:

Tip 1: Consider freezing meatloaf immediately to preserve it for a longer period.

Tip 2: Allow meatloaf to rest in the fridge for a day before transferring it to the freezer. This helps the meat to marinate and soak up aroma and flavors.

How Do You Defrost Meatloaf?

To defrost meatloaf, there are five ways to go about it.

1. Using cold water: This process might take you an hour or more but it ensures meatloaf defrosts safely. To ensure consistent temperature, consider changing the cold water every 30 minutes.

2. Take out of the freezer overnight: All you have to do is simply bring the meatloaf out of the freezer the night before. Be sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep as your meatloaf will be ready after you wake up. Does this sound like your method?

3. Place in a microwave: The trick to this is to check the meatloaf before the microwave cooks it. Place the meatloaf in the microwave and watch it defrost. Do you have the defrost setting in your microwave?

4. Opt out for the oven: To defrost meatloaf using an oven takes an hour and 30-45 minutes at 350 degrees. Depending on the temperature state of your meatloaf, the duration may be shorter.

5. Cook It: The last way to defrost meatloaf is by cooking it directly.

How to Tell If Your Frozen Meatloaf Is Bad or Rotten

There are several ways to tell if meatloaf has gone bad or rotten even while in the freezer and they include: 

  • The appearance of infestation or mold.
  • A change in smell and aroma.
  • A visual change in appearance and texture.

Once you see or smell anything foul with your meatloaf, it is time to trash it out.


Now you know the answer to the question, “Can you freeze meatloaf?” It is time to stock up on them for your family, loved ones and even surprise guests.

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Does meatloaf freeze?

Meatloaf freezes well on the condition that it is wrapped properly. It will freeze for about 6 months.

How do you reheat a frozen cooked meatloaf?

To reheat already frozen cooked meatloaf, follow either one of these methods:

  • Oven: Preheat oven to 250 degrees and place meatloaf in it. The reheating time takes 25-30 minutes. After, allow it to cool off for 10 minutes before serving.
  • Microwave: Your next best friend is the microwave. To reheat a frozen cooked meatloaf, cut it into slices and microwave for 2 minutes then flip to the other side and microwave for another 2 minutes.
  • Steaming: To reheat, steam meatloaf using a steamer pot.

Can you refreeze meatloaf?

In truth, meatloaf can be refrozen in a condition that you defrost first in the fridge.

Can you freeze meatloaf after you cook it?

You can freeze your meatloaf even after cooking once you’ve allowed it to cool for some time.

Can I cook a frozen meatloaf without defrosting it?

Yes, you can. Although it is time-consuming you can cook a frozen meatloaf without defrosting.

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