How to Make Suya Spice

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Suya spice is a delicious combination that is adored by practically everyone in the nation, giving a variety of grilled meats an appealing flavor and scent. This commonly used West African spice enhances the taste of beef, goat meat, poultry, and fish while tantalizing the palate. The tasty combination of spicy pepper and the peanut-based component, kuli kuli, forms the basis of suya spice.

As the name implies, it is basically used to make suya.

In this article, we will dive into the technique of making suya spice and walk you through the steps one-by-one, so you can give your grilled meats the authentic flavor of this popular West African delicacy.

How to Make Suya Spice


AvailJumiaAmazon Vevor
Dry MillYesGet ItGet It
SieveYesGet ItGet It
Airtight ContainerYesGet ItGet It
Mixing bowlYesGet ItGet It
Non-stick panYesGet ItGet ItGet It
Mortar and pestleNo


Dry pepper
Dry ginger
African negro pepper (kimba)
Cloves (kanumfari)
Calabash nutmeg
Black pepper (masoro)
Curry powder
Dry garlic (optional)

Procedures for Making Suya Spice

STEP 1: Pour the kuli kuli into the mortar and mash it using the pestle. This process makes the grinding easier.

STEP 2: Place the frying pan over medium heat, add the black pepper, cloves, and African calabash nutmeg, and roast them carefully to avoid burning. This process helps enhance the flavors of the ingredients. When done, please turn off the cooker and allow it to cool down.

STEP 3: Then, transfer all the ingredients listed to a bowl, including the roasted ones, and mix them together.

STEP 4: Start grinding the mixed ingredients gradually using the dry mill until all the ingredients are well ground to a fine powder.

STEP 5: If you are using the mortar and pestle, you have to use the sieve to ease the work. Pound it very well and sieve it. Return the coarse mixture back into the mortar and continue pounding. Repeat the process until you are done.

Pour it into a container and our suya spice is ready.

How to Store Suya Spice

Suya spice can be stored in an airtight container, preferably a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Ideally, make only the amount needed for immediate use.

Health Benefits of Suya Spice

Suya spice offers more than just flavor. They also provide health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure and serving as antioxidants that help prevent diseases.


Learning how to make suya spice offers you a world of mouthwatering sensations and invites you on a culinary journey. The unique combination of kuli kuli and pepper in this spice mixture gives beef, goat meat, chicken, and fish an identifiable flavor that delights the taste buds of everyone who indulges in its delectable charm.

So gather your ingredients, carefully follow the directions, and enjoy the satisfaction of making your own suya spice. Enhance the flavor of your grilled meats and surprise your loved ones with the true taste of this cherished West African seasoning.

Prepare yourself for each bite and enjoy the magical effects of suya spice!

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How to Make Suya Spice

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