How to Make Balla Kwabo (Yadda Ake Balla Kwabo)

Balla kwabo pinit

This is a type of snack in northern Nigeria, mostly loved by kids and youths, especially the kids. It is made primarily from groundnuts, peanuts and sugar. This article will help you figure out how to make this delicious snack (yadda ake Balla Kwabo).

The literal meaning of “Balla Kwabo” is “bite your kobo.” Perhaps the name was gotten during the past few decades when Nigerians had naira denominations down to 1 kobo. It is assumed that since you bought it with your money (a kobo or a few kobos) and it is made in such a way that you can bite it and hear the sound of something breaking, then the name Balla Kwabo was given to it.

They can be easily purchased from hawkers (usually adult male hawkers; I don’t know why only a few females hawk this snack) to purchase at affordable prices.

It is called Peanut Bars in English. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Equipment for Making Balla Kwabo

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Ingredients for Making Balla Kwabo

3 cups of raw groundnut or peanut
1½ cups of sugar
1 medium-sized lime (squeeze the lime and keep)
Vegetable oil

Procedure for Preparing Balla Kwabo

STEP 1: First of all, remove the back of the groundnut and pound it into a semi-smooth powder. It is very important not to make it smooth; otherwise, you can’t have the desired outcome.

STEP 2: Over medium heat, place the pot and add the sugar. Stir it gently until it has completely melted.

STEP 3: Add a small amount of lime juice to the pot on the fire. This, though little, add to the sweetness of what you are making.

STEP 4: When the sugar has completely melted, add the groundnut powder gently, little by little, and continue to stir.

STEP 5: Now that all the groundnut powder is in the pot, begin to stir or mix quickly so as to have a smooth and lump-free Balla Kwabo.

STEP 6: When the snack is done, put off the heat and take it down.

STEP 7: Then get a clean tray and rub vegetable oil on the surface. This will help avoid the sticking of Balla Kwabo on it.

STEP 8: Now pour the Balla Kwabo on the tray and spread it.

STEP 9: Immediately, cut it into the desired shapes. Ensure you do this immediately after pouring so as to have a perfect cut.

STEP 10: Enjoy your Balla Kwabo.

How to Serve Balla Kwabo

Just like other normal Hausa snacks such as Sugar Ruwan Doki, Kwakumeti, Dakuwa, Kantun Ridi, etc., Balla Kwabo can be eaten alone without anything to go with it. However, you can take it with soaked garri. It will serve as the fried groundnut or Kuli Kuli usually taken with soaked garri.

Balla kwabo

Occasions to Serve Balla Kwabo Best

There is/are no specific occasion(s) for serving this snack; it can be eaten anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. However, have bottled water with you because the groundnut will make you crave it.

How to Store Balla Kwabo

Interestingly, this delicacy can last for many months when properly stored. It can be stored in well-covered containers free from rodents and impurities.

Health Benefits of Balla Kwabo

Balla Kwabo is very important for heart and brain health, repairing body tissues, lowering the risk of cancer, improving skin health, building bones, and is also very important for pregnant women.

On the other hand, the sugar content in it helps in boosting our energy levels and thinking power, cheer us up, and helps in lightening our skin. Also, it makes us have a stronger immune system, get better periods of sleep, and lose weight.


Balla Kwabo is very easy and delicious, and not only that, it has immense nutritional value, especially for children.

Follow the steps above and I assure you, you will have a great snack at the end of the day (yadda ake Balla Kwabo).

You could also check how to make Gullisuwa (Milk Balls) and Alkaki.

Balla kwabo

How to Make Balla Kwabo (Yadda Ake Balla Kwabo)

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