Can You Freeze Potato Soup?

Potato soup

Potato soup is a delicious soup that is loved and enjoyed by people all over the world. It gives rise to the question, Can you freeze potato soup? Freezing potato soup helps extend its shelf life and also preserves it for later consumption.

In this article, we will discuss whether freezing potato soup is possible, and what steps and tips one must take to freeze it successfully. If you want to find out more, keep reading.

What Is Potato Soup?

Potato soup is a delicious soup that is made with potatoes. This dish is made with potatoes and milk to give it a taste. Also, other spices and seasonings like onions, garlic, herbs, etc. enhance the taste and flavor.

How To Freeze Potato Soup

To answer the question, Can you freeze potato soup, we recommend the following steps to ensure you freeze them for best results:

STEP 1: Allow It Cool

Before freezing potato soup, you need to let it cool off completely. Allow proper ventilation to circulate the soup before freezing it. This way, they freeze well in the freezer, and you don’t have to worry about the temperature changing or the soup going bad quickly while in the freezer.

STEP 2: Portion Them

Divide and portion the soup into sizeable portions before you place them in containers. Divided portions of potato soup make defrosting easy and can be used at any time.

STEP 3: Place in Containers

Next, pour your portioned soup into airtight containers or freezer bags. Ensure the container has a lid that closes very tightly; this way, you can store it properly. Alternatively, you can use the freezer bag. Pour your portioned soup into the freezer bag and push out excess air before sealing the bag.

However, it is best to use an airtight container because of the texture of the soup. But if what you have available is a freezer bag, you can make do with it.

STEP 4: Label It And Freeze

Lastly, record the storage date of the potato soup and ensure containers are closed tightly and the freezer bags sealed. Go ahead and place it in the freezer for up to 6 months.

How Long Can You Freeze Potato Soup?

You can freeze potato soup for about 6 months in the freezer.

For best quality, it is recommended that you consume potato soup within 4-5 months. This way, you can enjoy frozen potato soup at its best taste and original quality.

5 Tips For Freezing Potato Soup

The question of whether you can freeze potato soup has been answered. When freezing potato soup, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you freeze it successfully. Below are the tips we recommend for you to freeze them successfully.

TIP 1: Consider covering the airtight container with cling film before closing the lid tightly.

TIP 2: Allow potato soup to cool completely before freezing.

TIP 3: Consider dividing soup into portions.

TIP 4: Push out excess air from the bag before sealing and freezing.

How Do You Defrost Potato Soup?

When you are ready to defrost potato soup, the safest way to do so is by transferring frozen potato soup from the freezer to the refrigerator and letting it defrost overnight. It takes roughly 24 hours for frozen potato soup to defrost adequately.

How To Tell If Your Frozen Potato Soup Is Bad

To tell if your frozen potato soup is bad, you should perform an eye and tongue test. Here are signs to watch out for with your eyes and tongue:

  • Off taste
  • Slimy and wet texture
  • Discoloration
  • Sour odor
  • The appearance of molds

Can You Refreeze Potato Soup?

Potato soup should not be refrozen. Once you have defrosted it, refreezing it will negatively affect its original quality and taste. This is why it is important to make soup in smaller batches and divide it into sizeable portions.

Does Potato Soup Freeze Well?

Potato soup does not freeze well because it spoils easily if not stored and packaged properly in airtight containers or freezer bags. However, if you follow our recommended steps, you can freeze them for up to 6 months in the freezer.


In conclusion, can you freeze potato soup? Yes, and it freezes well, provided they are properly packaged and stored in the freezer Potato soup stays good in the freezer for up to 6 months without degrading in quality. Remember to always check for signs of spoilage and immediately discard potato soup if signs are visible. We hope you found this article helpful.

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How do you unfreeze potato soup?

The best way to unfreeze potato soup is by transferring frozen soup from the freezer to the refrigerator overnight. This gives it time to defrost easily and evenly.

How do you reheat frozen potato soup?

Once you have successfully defrosted your frozen potato soup, transfer it to a pot and place it over medium heat. Allow it to cook through while stirring. You can add milk or cream to adjust the thickness of the soup.

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