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How to Make Beans and Pasta Jollof

spaghetti and beans jollof

Beans and Pasta is yet another great combination of foods to make another sumptuous one. It is basically made from spaghetti and beans. What a combination that is! In this article, I will be taking you through how to make Beans and Pasta Jollof.

Spaghetti can also be made using yam (Spaghetti and Yam), sweet potato (Spaghetti and Sweet Potatoes), moi moi (Spaghetti and Moi Moi), rice (Spaghetti and Rice Jollof), and lots more.

I can’t wait to be in the kitchen to guide you through and I hope you too.

Now let’s get started.

How to Make Beans and Pasta Jollof


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1 cup of beans
1 packet of spaghetti
Salt to taste
Seasoning cubes
Boiled meat or fish
Vegetable oil or palm oil

Procedure for Preparing Beans and Pasta Jollof

STEP 1: Spread the beans on a tray and pick the unwanted particles or dirt.

STEP 2: Pour into a clean bowl and wash very well until very neat.

STEP 3: Turn on the cooker and put the pot on it. Pour water into the pot and add the washed beans. Allow to boil for 30 minutes until almost done or, at least, very soft (to be on the safe side). Pack it and set it aside.

STEP 4: Grate, grind, or blend your tomato, onions, and pepper. Pack it on a clean plate and keep it aside.

STEP 5: In another pot or the same pot, add the vegetable oil or palm oil together with the sliced onions and fry for 3 minutes.

STEP 6: Now pour the grated, grinded, or blended vegetables into the pot and allow to fry for 7 minutes.

STEP 7: When completely fried, pour water, seasoning cube, spices, and salt. Allow it to come to a boil.

STEP 8: Add the boiled meat or fish and allow it to cook for 5 minutes.

STEP 9: Then add the spaghetti and beans into the pot, stir very well and allow to cook for 10 minutes.

STEP 10: When both the spaghetti and beans are soft, turn off the cooker and pour it into a warmer.

How to Serve Beans and Pasta

Plates are used to serve Beans and Pasta. When it is served hot, it tastes great. Grab chilled water or any beverage of your choosing to enjoy with the meal.

Occasions to Serve Best

Typically, it is offered for lunch, supper, or brunch.

How to Store Beans and Pasta

It can last for 24 hours if kept in a warmer. If kept in a freezer or refrigerator, you might keep it for a longer period of time. But before you consume it, you’ll need to reheat it in a cooker or microwave.

Health Benefits of Beans and Pasta

Protein, antioxidants, and fiber that help with digestion are present in this meal.

It also contains lots of fibre, and plenty of protein, and is good for controlling diabetes.


This recipe provides a basic structure, but you should feel free to get creative and add more vegetables, spices, or even protein like diced chicken or sausage for a heartier dish. Enjoy satisfaction in this pleasant and nourishing dinner of beans and pasta!

I hope this article was worthwhile to you. If it was, leave a positive comment in the comments section below.

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